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That’s a weird one.
It looks like a “next Eclipse”. But the Eclipse isn’t old enough to be redesign. And I hear sells are pretty low so I can’t see why Mitsubishi would want another coupe…
I guess we’ll find out more at the Detroit show.

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  1. Oh good, you posted the pic.
    I think that they want to retrace their roots
    and move away from just your typical car company.
    My recommendations:
    -build this car
    -dump the Galant
    -Bring a smaller SUV to market with better MPG
    and leave the outlander as their flagship.
    Maybe the Pajero should come here..some futuristic
    and different, but not Japanese silly.
    – add standard traction control to lance and air bags
    -import all models from Japan…

  2. Striking design that is easily recognizable as a Mitsu. Would make a nice mid-engine sporty car; sort of a poor man’s NSX. Mitsu doesn’t need such a car, but it would still be nice.

  3. Actually, I do believe Eclipse is due for a new design. Like the last one, concept first 2008, then 2009 spring intro as a 2010 model. Makes sense.

    If anyone else remembers/knows, recently cars from Mitsubishi, and concept like this one, actually looks more like the study model/concepts they had in the mid 90’s. I think they were desinated as HSR, HSR-I…and so on.

    Looks much better than the eclipse out right now for certain.

  4. I am not a fan of the current Eclipse, with its huge ass. My favorite series was the 98-99 models, and this concept seem to revive that which is smart for Mitsu. It also looks a lot like the NSX concept shown at the NAIAS last January, I can’t wait to check out the show if this will be there.

  5. Anyone think this might be a smaller-than-Eclipse coupe(hatch), to compete against the Scion tC, which sells between 70-80,000 units Per Year, or the upcoming Astra 3 door hatch?
    I hope so.

  6. I agree with Nov 27 poster, from 7:40 pm above…..
    The Eclipse is too big and bloated, to be honest(with the I-4).
    You have that sporty Lancer coming out(EVO, whatever they call it)…. why not try to fight the 17-21K MSRP ranged cars. The Astra, according to one news source,said Saturn has so much interest shown, they are adding more shipments to USA, to 40-50K units, and as mentioned, 70-80K , per year, for the Scion tC….the Eclipse is lucky to have sold 27,000+ units last year.
    Why not double, or triple sales, with a slightly smaller car?
    Could it hurt? No, is most likely the answer.
    They have tried 0-0-0 5-6 years ago, and it did nto work…for financing, etc… why not try to sell something that is working these days? Even the current Tiburon sells 20-24K units per year, and is more parts bin than anything else, and they make $$$.
    As one kid told me, they should do, “Get on the trolley”, lol. 😉
    You have a rumored, turboed(200+ HP?) FWD tibby replacement in 2 years, a sporty car from Kia(under 18K?), tC,Astra 3 door, you name it.
    Get on the trolley, Mitsu! Not everyone can afford 20K+ MSRP to get a 4 cylinder with pep(like the mistake called Lancer, the 2 lower models, with CVT, and No Magnesium Paddle Shifters, unless you get the top model, for well over 20K, closer to 21K msrp…then that, to me , defeats he purpose of building a “cheap” sporty car, when the 17K model hits 60 in same time frame as the new Ford Focus, and gets Less MPG than the Focus, SES, with European tuned suspension).

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