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This is still the Korean model.
We might get less of that added chrome…

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  1. This update is a total non-event. I like the wheels but everything else on the exterior is worse in my opinion. The interior is just meh. But I suspect that it will extend this tired design’s shelf life for a couple more years.

  2. There is nothing “tired” about this design. It does have a sophisticated upscale look. However, I do agree that the chrome is overkill which is why it will not carry over into the U.S. market.

    I think this ‘refresh’ of the interior and exterior will help to keep the Sonata competitive and may spark re-newed interest in this vehicle.

    Hyundai’s new marketing campaign is slowly begining to gain ground, even if it is incremental. This brand is in fact making progress.

    This brand is poised for more growth.


  3. these corean cars are for the poor slobs who cvant really afoord a real car for the same money wou can have a reall ford or chevy or pontiac i just dont get why people would get this crap instead it makes you look like some kind of a dufus when you drive this around we almost en never see these in beutiful modesto california thanks god

  4. I just hope Hyundai figured out a way to keep those trim strips below the c pillar window from popping off.

    John M.

  5. I’m disappointed they kept the back of the car the same. The interior however, is now up to the standard.

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