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I guess they must be driving these without any camouflage around Korea. Or something…

One day we might even get to see the whole car.

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  1. This grille is so sad. The one they showed on the concept Genesis really had some pizazz this this is generic cheeseball boredom. Booo.

  2. I like the face… ‘seeing some Infiniti G lights going on…

    The back… looks good… no particular model comes to mind as far as similarities

  3. Is it possible that this shameless amalgamation of Everybody Else’s Luxury Car (TM)…makes a ride that I actually like better than the LS460??

    Wow! Even though those taillamps are straight out of a 2002 Infiniti I35…

    …the rear plate enclosure is a less eloquent sculpt of the MB S-Class’…

    etc. etc.

  4. this car looks very solid. it took me a while to figure it out, but those tailights resemble the old infiniti I30

  5. I see a good measure of Lexus, a bit of Infiniti and some BMW blended into the new Genesis.
    Hyundai has made big quality control and design improvements to their cars sold in the U.S.
    Genesis could be a hit.

    Seein Hyundai selling something in this class is frustrating.

    U.S. car companies know how to build really good cars, but bad company politics means GM, Ford, Chrysler have built many cars that weren’t very good.

    This have allowed even Hyundai, a formerly crappy car building company to catch up.

  6. This “new” Hyundai looks just like most of the Japanese high-end models which have been around for years. But watch, the automotive press will get all orgasmic about this Hyundai. Nothing groundbreaking here but the press will make it sound like the hand of God is at work and the Japanese should be frightened. UMMM, yeah.

    Since Hyundai was once-known for using old, recycled Japanese technology to build poor quality products, I guess the press gets “excited” to witness a second rate company being able to “compete” with their island neighbor by releasing models that are still using recycled Japanese technology/ideas but without paying royalties like in the past. True Korean innovation, copy for free. Brilliant! **polite golf clap**

  7. As far as pricing goes, I hear it would start at $29 000 for the V6.
    Not sure what the power would be in the sedan, but I was told by Hyundai the same V6 makes 300hp in the coupe.

  8. So the Genesis will tentatively undercut the Lincoln MKS by $9K when you compare V6-to-V6 prices, and the Hyundai’s V6 will likely be more powerful, considing their currently untweaked 3.8 V6 already has power parity with the Lincoln’s 3.7. Does the MKS’ coffin really need any more nails?

    As for the cracks about Hyundai not paying royalties, did you know Hyundai developed the DCX/Mitsu World Engine line? So all of those Evo X drivers will be getting their rocks off with a Hyundai 4 that’s been turbo’d & tuned by Mitsubishi.

  9. Ha, ha, I find it funny the reaction this car. It’s a Hyundai. Can you imagine?

    By the way the North American debut will be styled more to our taste. But the fact that Hyundai is casting a larger and larger shadow in the automotive landscape is indicative of their growing maturity and confidence.

    In case anyone has been under a rock, this car company has been leaping by bounds not only in quality but also in profitable growth. I see this brand gaining more share in the U.S. market.

    Like it or not they are getting noticeable attenion from the competition. For consumers, this is good news, as it keep things very competitive.


  10. Looks alright.
    I have owned 3 Hyundais: 99 Sonata GLS V6… 119K miles at trade in.
    01 Tibby(spouse) base model….trade in 103K miles and a current 04 Sonata GLS V6, 48,000+ miles.
    All automatics(auto-manual for the 04).
    The 99 was nice, but had issues such as needed new alternator at 87,000 miles, new radiator at 103,000 miles,and new window regualtors(under warranty) for the driver/passenger side windows up front….all in 4 years.
    The 01 tibby did better, until 99K miles, had the front axle/bearing(both sides) replaced, under warranty. At 103K…. tranny was dying.
    Got the 04 Sonata for it, and took a big hit on the Tibby for trade-in.
    The 04 has had 3 out of 4 window regulators replaced…under warranty, at least(last one was done Friday, the 16th. 250 dollars, but warranty covered it).
    Wanted to ge brake pads and rotors turned, but was told the rotors needed replaced!!!!!!!!! Over 600 dollars worth of work!!!!!!!
    Never in 23+ years of car ownership( and owning Nissan, GM, Scion,too) have we had to Replace Rotors!
    Ever! Even on a used 1977 camaro (77 model, from 84-87), 109K miles… never had that problem.
    I like the Sonata…
    but this stuff of 250 here, 400 here, 600 here….gets old fast.

    What are they doing? Using 1980’s parts?

    Sad, really. I like the cars, in general, but am tired of spending money every 6-9 months on repairs, parts replacements, not covered by warrany.

    Oh, on the 99, I also had to have a “Recirculation” valve fixed(for the fumes from the tank, to go back into the tank, to be reburned, or some such thing)….
    350 dollars.
    So, figure 1000-1,500, to as much as 3,500(if we kept the tibby and replaced the tranny at hyundai)…for “new” cars… No More Korean Cars for me.
    They’re nice to drive and ride in….but owning one…
    I wonder if Hyundai’s stagnant sales the past 2 years is due to others having similar problems like I am having, thus, instead of going back for a new car(or word of mouth, telling friends to avoid Hyundai), they go elsewhere, like I am.
    makes sense.
    if their cars were as solid as toyota Was 10 years ago.. and same msrp as 10 years ago, today… they’d have hit well over 500,000 units sold.

    I’d wait and see how this thing holds up.
    And no, I am not a anti-Hyundai troll… I am an anti-spend 1000K EXTRA in parts/repairs, average price of repairs, in 3-5 year old new cars, with 100K miles, or less, on it.
    Sad, really. Decent cars, that nickle and dime you( wish it were only nickles and dimes, vs dollars, hundreds each time) to death, before pay off.
    On my trade in… I am losing 3K…btw..if I had not had to add extra from the tibby on trade in in 04… I’d still lose around 800 dollars in 3.5 years of ownership.

    I dunno. Beware.

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