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Looks like a really nice interior.
Except for the stupid key system. Just like in the Passat, you have to enter a weird “non-key key” and push a button.

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  1. Oh, look. It has memory seat! …The Cadillac Eldorado Brougham had that twenty-seven model years ago. Oh, look. It has a big screen! …With fingerprints all over it, and no “glare guard” design so it will be hard to see. Oh, look. It has a “smart key” and push-button start! It’s so upscale!


  2. Oh, look! It’s a total first for Kia! They’ve never had anything like that before!

    Have you ever considered the idea that Kia may need to have gimmicky upscale options to try and attract buyers, because many, if not most potential customers wouldn’t give them the time of day otherwise.

    It’s not a groundbreaking car overall, but it wasn’t meant to be.

  3. Kia needs to do something truly different, not necessarily groundbreaking (considering the budget), but different. Exterior styling is pretty much the only way they can go to distinguish the brand, and one can bend sheetmetal many, many ways on this kind of budget other than that exterior design that looks like the love child of an Isuzu Ass-ender and a previous-gen Acura MDX. The only thing that would get me into a $35,000 Kia rather than a $25,000 2-year-old Honda Pilot would be the warranty. The Sorento was brilliant because it really looked like a Lexus RX300 coming down the highway. I’ve seen people who have swapped out their Sorento’s grille for a more Lexus-like unit. This thing’s best hope is maybe a Mitsubishi Montero…or I can see maybe a pseudo-Acura MDX if it’s all in black with rims and a new grille…

    That warranty alone will forgive the Borrego’s clinicked styling…for only as long as people can keep paying $4 a gallon.

  4. It has a VW Toureg knock off interior. Looks good, just not original. Good luck with the ugly exterior however.

  5. About that key, that looks more like a charging port (not unlike Nissan/Infiniti’s system) that allows it to communicate with the car to have it start if the “key’s” battery is dead. And since this is a pre-production model, the RF transponder may not be ready yet, but the car needs to be started. See there is a standard Start/Stop button onto of the charging port.

  6. How much this Lexus cost again?! But sorry, I don’t like to drive or be driven in car called KIA (kill in action).

  7. Kia, the absolute shittiest auto manufacturer selling products in america. Soon to be outdone by communist china’s lead traps.

  8. I’m sorry that America is not ready for a well made car that is priced for the buyer not the seller. People that are bashing KIA are the same ignorant bastards that think they are a “Ford Man.” That is why your dumbass pays over 65 dollars at the gas pump. “I buy an american car.” Yeah, thats why most “american cars” are being assembled and built out of America. Think about this in the past 3 years domestic vehicles retaining vehicle value and quality has gone so far down that imports such as KIA exceeds the domestic car. If you could read than you would know that. Know your facts before you start baching something.

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