More pictures of the Genesis

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I just wonder if this thing will aver actually come out.
Maybe we’ll just keep seeing spy pics like these for ever and ever….

But hey, that legroom in the back looks amazing doesn’t it???

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  1. Sweet pics!

    Thanks vince.

    I like the front end, although they should have kep the lower air-dam and fog lights the same as in the concept to make the car more stylish. As for the back, they should have kept it as beautiful as the concepts. The rear looks to BMWish for my taste.

  2. I wonder with that winged thing on the steering wheel if they are going to call it a bird name or something? It does have a certain 5 series look to it. I’m saying it will sell as long as the price is reasonable, but I’m with the other guy, I’d rather have a G8!

  3. The V on the steering wheel is for victory because they are going to sell on ton of these. I want one.

  4. What’s interesting is that the rear end of the concept looked more “Hyundai-like” if you know what I mean…especially when it comes to the Elantra (it all started with the 1st refresh of the first gen Elantra with the shape of it’s headlights…which is a design cue that has been shared with the 01-03 Elantra Headlights, 07 Elantra tailights, and Veracruz Taillights)…but who knows, they made save that for the refresh….

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