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I understand the need for some more “conservative” looking cars.
But there is no excuse for designing something that looks like it came out in 1983.. In 2007.

The Corolla has been the best selling car in the world for many years, but I hope this one isn’t a hit in the US.
The only way they’ll give us a nice looking one next time, is if this one is a flop.
I’m sure it drives nice and is reliable, but so is almost everything else now.

The 1.8 Liter engine now has 132hp. And the 2.4 Liter (158hp) is an option on the “sporty” XRS model.

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  1. It is fast… some sites say 8.1 to 60. Not bad. Lancer, w/o paddle shifters, CVT, is only 10 seconds to 60/152HP.
    So.. people think the Lancer is faster, when it is not, unless you’re talking manual shift, or the paddle shifters versions.

    it’s not horrible, but, yes…. it looks like put 0% effort in this so-called redesign.

    I would even welcome the Yaris-looking Corolla(Japan?)….
    it was weird, but different, at least.
    And no 3 door?

    Maybe if sales are slow, they Might do a 3rd year refresh, that looks better, but, I would not put money on it.

    This thing had better get MPG over 35 Hwy..even Focus (claims) to get this now!
    Focus is horrbile, though. Makes this look desirable!

  2. We waited how many years to get this crap ? Toyota went back to the drawing boards cause of the Civic, and turned this pile of crap out ?? And how many years are we gonna have to settle for this turd ??? Geeze

  3. LOL,that is really bad. My guess they don’t want any slip ups on this car. The tundra has been a nightmare for them, as well as a couple lexus vehicles. They are playing it safe, not a bad thing for this brand.

  4. Are they for real? The front looks like some modest updates / revisions have been made to a mid-’90’s Mazda Protege, while the rear is barely distinguishable from the current Corolla.

    The plus side? There are plenty good small cars being offered by Honda, Mazda, Hyundai etc.

  5. Exterior looks almost the same as the outgoing model, just refreshed. Do they use the same door panels???

    This is a complete flop, the automotive equivalent to driving a toaster. Bland and boring.

    Honda’s Civic will continue to dominate.


  6. With the new Matrix and Corolla, Toyota is only 1/3 away from the Ugly Exterior/Cheap-looking Interior trifecta.

    Oh, oh, OH what a feeling!

  7. I wish i could get excited about this one, but i’ve already seen this design in person in Asia. Toyota could have at least dignified the US with something brand new for holding out on a new design for so long.

  8. I expected a better design after Toyota delayed its “new” Corolla in an attempt to catch up to the Honda Civic.

    The Corolla is and has long been an excellent car, so it’ll sell strongly in the U.S. But this car is dull as dishwater.

  9. I changed my mind after reading some Japanese Corolla reviews (which is what we’ll be getting here, this time around). nihon car has a video review of it in case you’re curious.

    I think Toyota scrapped the US-version Corolla, and used the Japanese-version instead.
    That is a good thing.

    If this is really the case, then I think we’ll see a huge difference between this Corolla and any other (US designed) Toyota (or Honda) in terms of fit/finish and long-term reliability.

  10. This is nice. I believe those that buy this car only care about one thing and that is Toyota perceived quality. If the pricing is right it will do o.k. in the market place. Have you seen the SEMA version? It’s kind of nice.

  11. the soso Auris looks 10 times better than this stuff. Poor US. i guess ugly and old is in style?

    they could of at least put a new interior

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