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Keep in mind this is still the model for the Korean market. Where even the current Sonata has more chrome than the one sold over here…

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  1. I must say this is quite an improvement over the spartan and drab interior of the current model.

    This well needed refresh comes none too soon as Sonata sales have begun to re-bound on the heels of the release of this all new interior. The official date of the release is December 29th 2007,in South Korea, which coincides with Hyundai’s 40th Anniversary.

    For our shores it will be at the 2008 Detriot Auto Show. Between Janauary 19th thru 27th.


  2. Gawd, news on the Sonata refresh is neverending on this site. The interior looks better than the current Sonata and I’m sure that people looking for a cheap sedan will think it’s fine. But it still looks really chintzy. Just like on the Avalon, large flat plastic lids always look bad. The exterior is less interesting than the current Sonta. Don’t get me wrong, this will still sell very well, but this is really the bottom of the barrel of family sedans. From what I’m seeing, I’d put this above the Camry. But it’s not even close to the new Accord or Malibu.

  3. I will post my Accord test drive later.
    But I find it amazing so many people praise the car so much (And many haven’t driven it).
    I found the interior a bit messy. With mostly hard plastics all around.

    I’ll get into more details later>
    At least from the pictures, the new Sonata interior seems to be a nicer place to spend some time.

  4. Agreed…
    Too many judge by pictures alone or reputation.
    Some need to experience how thses cars drive for real!

  5. Last post above is right on about this vehicle being judged by the pictures alone. I know exactly what he means since I drove one, a 2008 GLS 4 banger for a couple of days.

    The drawback of course to the current vehicle is the interior but the 2009, pictured, with the new re-designed interior will make the car even much, much better.

    I also want to point out that it rode very quiet and felt rock solid throughout. Although there are some hard plastics, it was the dash area that received the most attention with quality soft feeling plastics, definitely not what you’d expect in a car priced from $17,000.

    I also found the seats comfortable and the acceleration sufficient but a 5 speed Auto mated to the 4 would give this car a bit more grunt. For 2009 all trims will receive the 5 spd auto with manual shift however.

    Just for reference, when I attended the Miami Auto Show I sat in the all new 2008 Honda Accord LX and came away unimpressed. Why? Lets start with the all new cheaper than dirt interior, the rat fur covering on the door and center console armrest. The un-Honda like exterior design which seems like a conglomeration of other cars, where the front end seemed too disconnected from the rest of the car. The rear end reminds me of a Saturn Ion. The front end is just plain blah. Like I said a messy glob of goob. Why did Honda have to ruin such a decent looking car?

    I wonder why some think it’s ok to give Honda a pass at a mediocre designed interior and exterior? While others feel compelled to bash the exterior or interior designs of a Sonata?

    By the way, like the Accord, the Sonata is also on Consumers Reports highly recommended list. And though some may snicker at that, remember a majority of buyers of these cars read these reports and use them as a purchasing guide. If given the choice I would take the current Sonata over the so-called all new and over priced Accord.


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