New Hyundai coupe interior

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Almost there.
There is still some tape on top of the dash and on the console.
But it gives us a pretty good idea of the interior of their all new RWD coupe.

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  1. interior pic is of the base BH Coupe. This mule tester looks almost production ready.

    I’ve read on other forums that the final interior will be even more impressive.

    Looking good so far.


  2. Looks very much like the interior of the new CTS. And the Wheel is straight out of Honda’s factory. But hey, its that what Hyundai needs to do, then more power to them!!!

  3. It rooks absorutily fantastico!
    Shows you how smart and artistic Koreans reary are!
    The best modern art work these days come from Korea.
    Now they put what they can reary do into a car!

  4. Man those are like 6 months old already. They were with they very first soy shots, the showed the engine bay as well.

  5. The interior looks nice but the steering wheel is fugly. It looks too much like the Civic’s, and that’s the ugliest wheel ever produced by man.

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