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Again, a shocking downgrade from my HD footage to the crappy You Tube compression.

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  1. Still underwhelmed, considering the competition and the price. BTW, if you want to see Lincoln’s other big problem, scroll two posts down and take a look at the Hyundai Genesis. That car is generating a lot more buzz as the budget alternative in this class and with a V8 (instead of the MKS’ V6) will likely undercut the base MKS by a few grand.

    BTW nice footage, Vince. If you weren’t using a SteadyCam, you may have a future in filming “artistic” porn ;>)

  2. Great video footage! The leather seats look comfortable and plush. The wood looks cheap and fake though. If they wanted a more upscale look, they should have used a birds eye maple pattern with a matte finish. Overall, it’s not bad. I wish the interior would have more of a graceful curvy design, much like the exterior has. It’s definitely a step forward for lincoln in terms of features and quality of material.

  3. Are you kidding me? They just pounded another nail into their coffin. This car is horrible, the last decent Lincoln Car was the LS. I dont get it, why can they make a presentable car!!!

  4. The video looks fine vince, thanks for posting. The car looks good, definitely not a car that I would buy but not too bad. I know it has awd but no rwd??? Thats fine if it’s only supposed to compete with an es350 but isn’t this supposed to be a range topper?? And why the heck are they still using those ugly ass gauges with the 1981 town car font????? Arrggggg!!! Not a good look at all. When ford finally figures out a decent design they have to throw in a visual eyesore to remind you of the crappiest, low-brow fords of yesterday. And the names are too close for the average lemming to figure out now mks, mkz, mkx. What is an mk anyways, does it mean anything?

  5. I really like this a lot. My parents had a 1991 Mk7, all black with the carbon colored bbs style wheels. (sounds ghetto but it was actually really sharp) I loved that car, but since then there hasn’t been a Lincoln that didn’t conspicuously look like a tarted up Ford. In design, this car is much more stylish than a (bloated) Lexus GS or Infiniti M, and appears to have more presence than an STS. I hope it does well. Hopefully Lincoln can revamp their entire lineup to be as substantial as this. As soon as it’s clear that this is not a one hit wonder, then I’ll consider the brand.

  6. Saw the MKS at the LA show. The front end styling is great, everything behind it looks too generic, in a sort of Lexus/Infiniti/Acura way. It’s too bad Lincoln didn’t use more of the styling cues they’ve teased us with in past concept cars.

  7. The MKS is sweet and I’ll be buying one as soon as it comes out.U people that don’t like it are a bunch of fags.

  8. “I’ll take the new Honda Accord Sedan over this overpriced piece of crap anyday.”

    Sure you would. Go back to your bong.

  9. Still a disappointment. They had that dream car a few years ago that was a throwback to the early sixties stunners. Look what Rolls-Royce did to get noticed. Lincoln went soft and just made an ordinary car, copy of Japanese.

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