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Not really sure what to say.
I guess it isn’t 100% ugly, but it’s not that far…

It looks bloated and quite unattractive. And it is also entering a shrinking market.

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  1. Do you know how people say “it looks like it’s going 100 mph just sitting still”? Well this thing looks like it’s using a ton of gas just sitting still.

    John M.

    And it’s ugly too.

  2. Wow! That is one Fugaliciously ugly 2008 truck of the year!

    Welcome to Toyota’s age of mediocrity!
    Way to go Toyota! NOT.


  3. Its much better than I thought – although that dashboard is ugly – whats with that panel between the drive and the radio/ac controls?

  4. Heh… I was going to say “beefy”, but bloated works as well. Regular just zoomed past $3.10 here in Tampa yesterday… Is there still a market for massive grocery-getters?

    I guess if you can afford this thing, you wouldn’t be worrying about the price of gas, but geez, save some for the rest of us slobs. 😀

  5. Who knew ugly could be this big? Since the new Sequoia inherited the Tundra’s ugly nose and even uglier interior, I wonder if it also gets the Tundra’s mechanical problems.

  6. It does look boring. Comparing this one to the Suburban, the Suburban wins hand down.

    I am surprise Toyota hasn’t thought about making it a hybrid … to compete with the upcoming ‘burban hybrid

  7. The GM SUV hybrids are going to bury this thing alive….

    And way to not touch the rear end of this thing with the REDESIGN STICK.

  8. I thought Toyota was trying to build their brand around environmental responsibility? They’re going to have to sell five Pruises to make up for every 1 of these that they roll out the door. It looks like Dodge Durango meets Hyundai Veracruz, Super-sized. Strange move. Ugly, poorly-timed car.

  9. They put this face on an SUV when the Tundra dealers in my area are advertising $8,000.00 cash incentives on the truck. The lots are full of Tundras, I don’t think they will have much success with the SUV either.

  10. Think again!

    It’s as fuel efficient as the domestics with better performance. And the seats in the photo look great. Obviously, this SUV is put together better than the GMC/Fords etc. and we know it will hold its value better and longer. Say what you want, but you know if you need to take a long trip with 6 people and luggage, this is your vehicle of choice. Want something of equal quality and better gas mileage? Buy an ’08 Highlander.

    [Exerpts from Edmunds Review] Fuel economy is not as terrible as you’d think. The 5.7-liter V8 is the more efficient option, thanks to its dual variable valve timing (the 4.7-liter only has variable intake valves) and extra overdrive gear. In 2WD form, the Sequoia has a rating of 14 mpg city/19 mpg highway — second only to the Tahoe (14 mpg/20 mpg). The 4×4 Sequoia’s 13 mpg/18 mpg rating is better than all its SUV rivals except GM’s two-mode hybrids (20 mpg city/20 mpg highway

    The 2008 Toyota Sequoia meets the Tahoe and Expedition on their own terms for interior room and engine size, while setting new standards for performance, handling dynamics and seating flexibility.

  11. When I first scrolled down this page to the the photo of this, I thought I was looking at a new Chevy Tahoe or a GMC Yukon ….until I noticed the Toyota badge.

    Toyota could’ve done a better job designing the new Sequoia. The exterior doesn’t even look original when you first look at it.

  12. I’m not sure why anyone would want to defend this monstrosity. The Suburban looks much nicer and has better lines and shape for a full size vehicle.

    As full size vehicle goes the design is a step back and falls flat. The interior is a mish-mash of odd shapes and uneven lines.

    What a big disappointment.


  13. It is a shrinking segment but it is still a huge profit per unit segment. I do not know the numbers fully, but selling ones of these generates as much profit as selling like 5 Camrys.

  14. That big comment that starts with ‘Think Again!”?

    It smells like corporate spam!

    I think that this ‘Giant Sequoia’ is just another vehicle to follow the current trend of taking existing design languages and bloating them out. What did you call it, ‘rubbery’ styling?

    It’s the American-led way of ‘more is more’. European vehicles are beginning to follow that trend, too. I believe Toyota will initially sell a lot of these from dealers who talk people into believing that “oh yeah, you can get up to such-and-such mileage , it’s more fuel-efficient than a big Suburban!”. Or many people will buy (or lease) one of these just to prove that they can afford the gas.

    My opinion on the car? Toyota, for the most part, listens to its customers and makes good machines with the exception of a few. The Tundra’s mechanical flaws are not a good sign for that division, and we shall see if they fixed them on this big rig. The interior? A mess! It’s nowhere near as unified as the competition, but the build quality is probably a bit tighter than Ford and Nissan.

    They’re going to try really hard to make this out to be a success, but wait for the day when the full-sizers that haven’t had their engines converted will be up on cinderblocks in people’s yards being lived in. If we don’t think about how we’re motoring, it will happen…

  15. “Say what you want, but you know if you need to take a long trip with 6 people and luggage, this is your vehicle of choice.”

    Obviously, since the more reasonable and more fuel efficient Kia Sedona isn’t capable of such a feat….

    Toyota is supposed to be the leader of fuel efficiency….so there is no excuse for those lower than TAHOE numbers… Good news for GM…BAD news for the Big T.

  16. The dash looks like cheap leftovers from last year’s Tundra base model. The exterior, like a ’71 Ford on Beer & Suet (and comparing it to a 30-year old Ford is an insult to 30-year old Fords!) I think I’ll be trading the old Sequoia in on an Acadia, instead of on this beast. (Do they still call it Sequoia or did they change the name to Hippopotimus?)

  17. Just proves my point again that Toyota is making their cars ugly just to help out Detroit. I am sure of this.

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