Next BMW 5 series?

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Just an illustration.
But it does look pretty nice.

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  1. looks terrible! BMW went through a design revolution with the current 5,7 Z4, but now its cars are all bland again, the new 3, the X5 and now the 5. – RPM auto

  2. Please tell me they are going back to the “drivers interior” they had of the past, look at all the new Infinitis.

  3. now that’s nice, i think it’s good looking, I’m not sure if it’s because i’m still in shock from the ugly new corolla and matrix that heightens the sense of it’s looks, but it’s real nice.

  4. Im with ya Nissan Skyking. I will have to do a couple shots of tequila to wash my mind of the Maxtrix and then have another look at this BMW.

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