Next Ford Fiesta?

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Not really sure.
This still looks like a concept. Like the one we’ll see in Detroit.
And I can’t really tell if this is a hatch or a sedan either.

I hear the US (and China) might only get a sedan version of the next Fiesta. While Europe gets the usual 3 and 5 door hatch.
So this might look real close to what we’ll get over here.

And I must say, it looks much better than the 2008 US Focus.
If they have this, why even keep the Focus at all.
It seems almost as big.
And at least it looks current.

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  1. The front grill, headlights and sides have some Mazda6 design elements. Obviously, this concept will be toned down for the production but it looks like a good start.

    Lately, Ford’s exterior have been improving but they need to give more extra attention to their interiors, like getting rid of those cheap feeling plasticky materials.


  2. I really like 5 doors and wagons? Apparently the way auto manufactorers are dumping them for the US market I am the only one.

  3. I’ve gotta say. This is probably one of the best looking Ford’s out there. I really hope they make the production version close to the concept. I love those rims too. I don’t like the HUGE grill opening, but even that’s not aweful looking, a little silly looking but not aweful. This looks like a hatch to me. That’s why it probably looks so good, but you can bet the USA won’t get it(the hatch). It looks too good. We’ll see what it ends up looking like after the bean counters get done with it.

    John M.

  4. Psst, Ford I have a secret to tell you. Fire your domestic sedan designers and hire the Europeans. Your cars will be much more appealing. This is simply a beautiful car,and does not look like any domestic Ford sedan. What are they waiting for?

  5. That is a really good looking small car. Much nicer than the rest of the competition has to offer. Hopefully they bring that over to NA, because that would make a really good second car.

  6. very nice, like a teeny Mondeo. it really does look like it’s been stretched to Focus-length, tho. perhaps it’ll be brought over as a replacement for the NA Focus in all but name..?

  7. This is teh best looking Ford I have seen in years.
    Perhaps a little too much Peugot in the front, but very nice.
    Yes please for Australia!

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