No more Vectra?

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Just a rumor for now.
The next Opel Vectra might be called Insignia instead.

No word on a change of name for the Aura version yet.

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  1. It is not a rumor as I read it on GM Europe’s website… They had a humorous video that captured the car’s tail-light and name “Insignia”

  2. Nice looking car. I like the Insignia name, but I don’t think it’s wise to change the Aura name now. The Aura has just launched and the name and the car has been very well received. The only reason you change a name is when you botch the launch and the name implies something negative. Like “Fiero” or “Zephyr” or “Tribeca” or “Ridgeline.” It would be silly to change the name of the Aura to Insignia now.

  3. By Jove, it’s the Nissan Altima!

    With a BMW 6-Series butt! Can anyone smell the Bangle?

    It is a ‘nice’ design…but it looks very derivative.

  4. well, here in europe it seems obvious that the new opel vectra will be called aura so that saturn and opel have the same names what doesn’t matter because they are sold in different countries.

  5. Why change the AURA name? It’s not tainted like the ugly ION was. That beautiful car pictured should be the next AURA, IMO.

  6. In Europe the car will be called the Insignia, is it not yet announced whether the Aura’s name will be changed, I would guess that it will NOT be. Vectra as a name is a bit tainted by the boring cars that have held the name, so a fresh start is useful. We don’t really have that issue here in the US with Aura

  7. “The current Malibu will be a short cycle.”


    Shorter than the 2004-2007 Malibu? But the current one will actually sell!

    Btw, I can see the new Malibu look within the front end of this “Insignia”

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