No Scirocco for the US

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Stefan Jacoby, president of VW of America has officially announced the new Scirocco will not make it to the US.
They think they have enough sports cars with the GTI and the R32 (test drive coming up).

I think they’re wrong. The Scirocco is a coupe and would appeal to another audience than the small sport hatchbacks they have now.
But who knows. Maybe they’ll change their minds in a couple of years.

He also mentioned the Phaeton could come back to the US with a diesel engine.
Another mistake.
The US does not want the Phaeton. Diesel or not, that car was a major flop over here.
Almost no one wanted to pay $70 000 for a VW.

I guess they don’t get it…

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  1. A little surprise with how well Mustang and 350Z are selling; there shall be a huge market for affordable performance icons like Scirocco. Let’s hope they have a hidden plan for Corrado!

  2. Stefan Jacoby, president of VW of America never wanted this car, but he’s also just grandstanding. VW AG (the parent company) wants the car sold in America and has also stated this numerous times. This pi$$ing match is going to go on until this version of the Scirocco is sold in America or production of the car ends. I would really be surprised if the car was not engineered to meet US safty and emissions standards so the car could be sold here on a moments notice.

  3. They must have figured that the EOS already takes the place of a coupe and a convertible … moreover i don’t think it is such an icon compared to the z or mustang. the rabbit and the gti are more of an icon for vw usa.

  4. Your right this car would appeal to other audiences considering the R32 i saw recently was $ 38,500, and that price is way outta line for there target audience, and ohh ya its limited avail. so if the R32 is soooo limited just how the hell is the scirocco gonna cannibilize sales from it ??
    Yes indeed it may hurt the GTI but that thing is old and very ugly and the scirocco is so damn sexy i cant stand it, so there gonna loose my sale and many others, cause i hate the rabbit/gti and the awesome R32 is way way way outta my price range.

  5. The old Scirocco had a sporty roofline and was much more distinguishable from the GTI than the new one, which looks like a Pimp my Ride version of the GTI. It’s a smart move if you think about it, the new one is just a poor design.

  6. Stefan is right. We don’t need another Golf/Rabbit/Gaybriolet in the states. Most of all, we don’t need another new VW breaking down after you drive it off the sales floor.

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