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It was very quiet, and a little sad, at the Subaru area of the Auto Show a couple of days ago.
I guess the press conference wasn’t as popular as they had hoped…

Subarus are really good cars. They’re just not on many people’s radar…

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  1. It is too bad. I live in South Florida and, excluding the Subaru in my driveway, I swear I see one Maserati Quattroporte and one Bentley Continental for every Subaru I see down here. Seriously.

  2. Vince,

    This must have been a rehearsal for the real speech. I was at the press conference, and can attest that there were WAY more people than that. The WRX STI may be ugly, but the press conference was full.

  3. Every auto show I’ve ever been to (20 or so) I can’t ever recall subaru ever having many people in their section and they usually have one of the smallest sections at the show. This video cracked me up though.

  4. Well, I’d assume it’s because CA is a fair weather state (like Florida). Most drivers in such states just don’t see the need for a car that can handle weather they rarely-to-never experience. It’s like selling snow shoes in Hawaii.

    I grew up in the West. I only saw Subarus when visiting the mountains of NM or CO. Now I live NY between the Catskills and the Adirondacks and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Subaru. (not that I swing dead cats or anything)

  5. I don’t know how Subaru can have a reputation as a great car. it is pretty ordinary and not pretty, made by a company with little resources and actually not much has changed since the platform came from the first Legacy years ago. As I have said before here, from experience they are not as durable and long lasting as the average car.

  6. Isn’t it amazing that “a company with little resources” can make an WRX/STi, a Legacy GT, or arguably the biggest sleeper on the road, the Forester XT? Subaru’s biggest problem is that unless people think they’re going to drive in snow they’ll never test drive one, which is too bad. I’ve converted a few people by letting them drive my Legacy.

  7. Subaru dealerships in the Northeast of the U.S. have dwindled down in numbers over the past 6 years. Many big dealerships have sold off their franchise to smaller owners too! These could be signs of things to come…

  8. I just got this Email from a pissed off reader:
    “Your recent post, “Nobody Cared”, regarding the Subaru STI press
    conference is a glaring mistake that should be corrected immediately.

    The video you posted is from the rehearsal, not the actual press conference!

    I attended the LA autoshow press days, and watched many rehearsal
    conferences including one for the C63 AMG in which “nobody” was
    watching. It was foolish of you to assume this was the real thing.

    What you posted is a complete exaggeration and is damaging to the Subaru brand.

    I think you should remove the video and post a correction apologizing to Subaru.

    Thank you,

    I guess I was wrong. But I still think it made for a funny video.
    And it made people talk about Subaru.
    They should pay me for the free advertising…

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