North Korean car commercial

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That’s right, NORTH Korea.
You don’t see this every day. And I bet the north Koreans don’t either.

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  1. I thought this was a car commercial not a documentary on the friggin thing.

    The interior looks horrible as if they took the pattern off of the curtains of a 6 year old girl’s bedroom. As if any little kid’s bedroom would have that pattern on their curtains (if they even have curtains or even windows in childrens rooms) in DPRK.

    Anybody noticed the Fiat badge on the front or the Fiat logo on the engine?

    I did some research and it appears to be built under licence from Fiat. It’s called the Pyonghwa Hwiparam (dont ask me on how to pronounce this thing). It’s based off the Fiat Siena.

    The Hwiparam (휘파람) means “whistle”.

    According to my only yet questionable source, Wikipedia, they also sell the Fiat Doblò under the name Pyonghwa Ppeokkugi (뻐꾸기) which means “Cuckoo”? wtf?

    I’m not so sure about any of the info put on this Wikipedia page is true but it says that this car company also sells vehicles based on Dangdong (whatever that is), SsangYong, and a Chinese Brilliance model.

  2. as scion xboy said it is an old version of fiat siena and basically made for poor east europian countries and specialy Turkey when I was in Turkey 7 years a go you could see lots of them and believe me they are look much worse in person! Even turks look at them as a junk and only if you are poor you do buy them out of desperation, very unreliable cars indeed . I wonder what have they become after they got korean touch!!

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