Pontiac VS. Toyota

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  1. The Toyota reminds me of a Proctor Silez steam iron, the shape that is, where’s my ironing board I need to do some ironing.

  2. This is how a re-skin should be done. Both come out looking different enough that a lot of people love one and hate the other… with plenty of people in both camps.

  3. Pontiac should not have a vibe type vehicle in it’s lineup. Otherwise it is the better looking of the 2 by a wide margin.

  4. i dont understand what toyota gets out of sharing its platform with gm. seems like gm gets the better deal with better with toyota engine, production quality, reliability etc.

  5. The Matrix looks like the Keds sneekers my mother dressed me with when I was 3 years old…Maybe hang 2 Matrixs from the rearview mirror of the Vibe.

    I have a nagging feeling that Toyota is trying to help Detroit by making their cars ugly.

  6. I like the Vibe better myself. The Matrix looks like it could be Toyota’s Mazda5 if it had sliding doors. They both have the same doors and interior, so really it is buying based on name and not product…so Vibe for me!

  7. My verdict is that there should have been a new Vibe
    and a new Blade. The Matrix is a has been and a major let down from Toyota. The Blade’s interior is light years ahead of this turd.

  8. The Pontiac is not all that great but its ten times better looking than the Matrix. The Matrix is just odd.

  9. the matrix is MUCH better. looks so much more european. the vibe is essentially a toyota that has been redesigned to look “american.” ugly.

  10. Matrix is uglier and more gimmicky. Not a great fan of the Vibe either but it’s better looking that the Matrix.

    The old Matrix looks better than both of these, though.

  11. Nice 5 door Yaris!!! Nice rear blind spot, just like the Scions have. Hatchbacks seem to be the rage once again! Long live the 80’s!!!

  12. I’ll take the one with the best (or least horrible) rear visibility.

    All else equal, I’d buy the Toyota because that’s what it is–it isn’t a REAL Pontiac.

    Better not to buy a bastard vehicle that’s branded peculiarly IMO.

  13. The new Matrix is too “ricey”, maybe a little too sporty looking for a Matrix.

    The Pontiac Vibe, however, looks spicy. Pretty good presentation. If Pontiac wants to sell this though, they better make it look nice once it comes out. Pontiac should also make a good TV commercial too for this. I’ve seen some pretty good pontiac ads recently that look like they could really sell the cars (like the G6 coupe GXP version c.m. with the Digitalism song; Pogo).

  14. I found nice both of them but Toyota took the mazda design but pontiac kept their initial design. On that point i prefer the pontiac and gm are putting the best technology in their cars like the japanese (Honda, toyota , nissan , Subaru)

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