Revised Euro Focus wagon

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Same changes as the hatchback model. New front, new interior and revised rear end.

We don’t even get a wagon anymore in the US…

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  1. wow!

    i used to have a focus wagon, but i’m now driving a mazda5. the “new” focus that we get looks incredibly ugly to me, and no wagon version either, so no sale for me.

    if ford brought this here, i would be first in line! the focus wagon used to be great! fun to drive, roomy, could haul tons of stuff, and economical.

  2. As a european, I never thought I would be enthusiastic about Ford models. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, their European line-up looked just incredibly bland and boring (with even the odd case of true hideousness, as in the last-gen Scorpio). But beginning with the first-gen Focus, things started to get interesting, and these days, they are becoming the brand to beat in Europe in terms of styling. Thumbs up indeed.

  3. This car is so handsome, I would be at the dealer Saturday if it was offered in the US with a good engine choice and a manual transmission.

  4. I am guessing this and a bunch of other cool model is why Ford Europe is back in the black! Funny the way people respond to modern well built interesting cars and vans!

  5. ford north america and europe are like two completely different car companies… might as well change the brand name in europe, so we americans won’t be jealous that we don’t get them.

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