Roewe 550

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Here is the 750 little brother.
I guess this might make it into Europe as well as China.

A pretty nice looking car. Actually better than some sedans we get over here.

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  1. Hey Vince,

    Have you noticed the crappy chinese build quality, especially around the rear lights?

    Look at the alignment of the rear lights with the trunklid, that’s horrible.

    Nice overall design to this vehicle though.

  2. “A pretty nice looking car. Actually better than some sedans we get over here. (Sebring???)”


  3. i wonder if ya can answer those headlamps cause they look like telephones, kinda sad cause the car could have been very sexy, but as with almost all designs there is always something that says hmmm ???

  4. Overall not bad actually looks solid…..but still do derrivative of what others have done before, hips roofline and side are very IS and the rest just seems strangely familiar.

  5. Copying: Chevy copied Camry’s Bulbuous snout..which is not such a great idea( like body cladding on cars a few years back… see any now?).
    Everyone copies each other anymore, except for the razor-blade grille of Fusion.
    Sebring front end one guy said? Chrysler WISHES it looked this good, even with the “odd” head lamps!
    This is not bad at all.

  6. I agree with 9:53, this car lifts heavily from the Lexus IS. The rear doors in particular look identical!

  7. What a disgusting car. It’s a hodge-podge of disctinctive design cues from other cars. I’d say that the Chinese pretty much have botched everything that has to do with the automotive industry so far.

  8. Still… looks quite like a Rover at the rear and certainly better than what they were making 5 years ago.

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