Roewe 550 Interior

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This will look pretty nice.
Kind of BMW like without the ugly second bump on the dash.

We’ll see….

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  1. “This will look pretty nice.”

    So you can tell from this one photo shot through the window of an interior that looks like something one would find in a car built in the 80s?

  2. I thought this was a Citroen or something European and expensive. It really does look better than a BMW. If they can do the same thing (or better) for less, then theres really no reason for BMW or Citroen to charge exorbitant prices (or even for them to exist. -RPM

  3. I can tell by the photo that the materials used are lowclass and the overall interior is poorly executed.

  4. How you managed to glean that overwhelmingly negative insight from a relatively small, low resolution and decidedly blurry picture taken through the glare of a reflection in a car window, I’ll never know.

    I think people are ragging on this car’s interior simply because it happens to be Chinese. No doubt if it were installed in something German or Japanese, it would be féted as the next big thing in the advancement of interior design.

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