US Tiguan price?

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I hear it would start at $22 500. Most of the press was predicting around $24 000.

That is a pretty good price. Considering the CRV starts at just $1000 less.

We’ll see if that becomes official.

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  1. That might be with a 5-speed and fwd, but I’m hoping that that price really included awd and a/t.

  2. Sounds like a deal, until you learn that Tiguan is almost the same size as Golf/Rabbit. That meant it will be the smallest 4X4 beside Impreza outback in the US. I am not so sure if the US market can accept a cute ute that is a foot shorter than CR-V.

  3. the tiguan wont even be available with a 5-speed, both the manual and automatic transmissions will be 6-speeds. the price sounds realistic considering that the car is based on a golf (called the rabbit in the u.s.) which bases at just over 15 grand. i have high expectations for this model, i would probably buy it if i was in the market for a cute ute (you can count on your hand the # of compact SUVs still available with a manual transmission)

  4. you know everything will be an option and a decent one will be around 35000 d fir basically something that is worjthh 15000 no thanks

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