Volvo C30 5 door?

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It’s not secret Volvo is considering a 5 door version of the small C30.

But I am not sure if this is an illustration or not.
It does look great. and pretty realistic to me.

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  1. I have sworn off Volvo. Let me tell you my story. I had a purchase order for a C30, tricked it out for 300, put 500 down and waited 5 weeks. The car came in with the wrong things on it, most importantly a black interior instead of light tan. Everyone admits mistakes were made on the items I specified. The dealer gave me two choices, buy the vehicle that did arrive or wait till march 08(there new allotment), renegotiate trade and price of car at that time. What would you all do?

  2. Swear off Volvo or find another dealer? You can’t really blame Volvo as a company for a dealer’s mistake.

  3. Get a lawyer. But technically isn’t whatever contract that was signed now invalid because the car that arrived was not the one you ordered? If you want a C30 that bad, you can’t wait…otherwise I would personally try to get my $500 back and take my business elsewhere.

    I got to see and touch the C30 at the South Florida Auto show a couple of weeks ago and that back hatch is scary….because it’s all glass. If you accidentally try to close the thing when the lock for it is…locked….it could cause for some major trouble (i don’t know if it was able to lock w/o it being closed by them doing something special for it at the auto show or not, but after I opened the hatch and tried to close it…it was scary because I seriouly thought I almost broke the window/hatch)…

  4. I saw a C30 driving late last night, and i have to tell you the way and shape of the rear lights when lit up looks really stupid! almost like a pair of legs strattling a horse.

  5. It is a nice little car, but they are really asking a lot.
    $ 26k for a base car whereas with the Min your getting a nicely equipped Copper S. I really don’t want Volvo
    to fail with this car since it does offer a lot of potential, but please bring down the price about $4k
    for a base car. It is not made in Sweden, so I am not sure with the markup…

  6. Have you thought that maybe that car is someone else car and they have actually sold your car to someone with the cash??

    Dealers routinely do this and blame the factory for delay. You see they already have your money and psychological have you in their pocket…someone else walks in and wham, now they got two for the price of one. slime ball!

    take your money and go to another dealership and call bbb to file a complaint.

  7. It was the dealer who stuffed up, not Volvo!…you twat!
    Jeez people amaze me, go and complain on some media program instead, you might even get payed to tell your story!

  8. And now a comment about the topic of this thread.. a 5-door C30. Seems to me that the C30 is a 3-door hatchback version of the S40 4-door sedan and V50 5-door wagon, so what is the point of making a 5-door hatchback? Ford did it with the Focus of course, but Volvo really doesn’t need it.. maybe they should keep their nomenclature clean and leave the “C” for 3-door and convertible cars only.

  9. A 4 door C30 would be great for lugging kids around. But with fuel over 3 bucks a gallon I will probably go with the next gen Fit. My S40 T5 manual goes about 27 miles on a gallon of 91 octane if I use a light foot. fifty bucks for a tank of gas every week is wearing me out.

  10. Whe I went to collect my Volvo pre-arranged for a Friday at 3.00pm having paid cash a few days prior. Wife and I appeared at the showroom with great anticipation etc..only for a number of sales guys wandering around rather blankly. To be told what name what car are you sure? Told by embarassed Manager the car had not been processed! To return Saturday at 4.00pm instead which we did to be received by same Manager full of profuse apoloies and a bunch of flowers. Advised if anything amiss or I had problems to call him or return to him personally. Well you guessed it we did have a problem with it on the following Monday and when I called I was told he was not in today. I said when was he coming back and the Receptionist said he had resigned and left at 4.30pm on Saturday! Hows that for salesmanship.

  11. For quality you must pay.
    my c30 now more than 500.000km no problems. Ford Focus you can buy for -4k but c30 is a lot better. More security, better sound system, better seats better better better.
    And my d5 is faster than a cooper s.
    And bigger

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