2009 Corvette ZR1

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Over 620hp and around $100 000.
The black one seems to be the closest thing to owning the Batmobile.

But for that much cash, you’d think GM could have put an all new interior.
It doesn’t look great in the base car, so even with some nice trim changes, it still looks cheap for a $100 000 car….

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  1. the gretes is now even bettter than ever what can io as u it is not possible to get e anything better hthan this

  2. Even though the interior should be the least concern with this car, your right Vince.

    I mean common, Tacky stick-on carbon trim worked for Lambo ten years ago, but they did not half ass it like Chevy has done with this. Should have all been redone/covered in leather and some sort of fancy aluminum finish.

  3. Why does Chevrolet care so little about it’s flagship model? This interior is barely worthy of an Aveo.

  4. second poster and vince, if you look closely, you can see the stitching. The doors and dash ARE covered in leather! The interior was re-done for -08 with this option. This is one Awesome car!!

  5. Still has an awful interior and for christs sake, can’t they put some decent seats in ANY Corvette? Look at those bolsters, they designed this so typical fat American can fit not have their love handles pinched.


  6. There’s too much going on with this car. Although I think it’s nice…way too many bits and pieces here and there. Not fluid. Like one of the those tuner models that have plastic add ons that you snap or press on to ‘make’ it look faster.

  7. The car is still pure automotive porn for me, but I defintly agree on the interior.

    I have a feeling the C7’s interior will be a huge improvement.

  8. Well; even if the interior isn’t what you’d expect from 100k, it has the most powerful car that you can get for that much cash. Only the Viper comes close and that thing has an even cheaper looking interior.

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