2009 Honda Pilot

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They will show a slightly disguised “concept” version next month.
Looks like another giant sunroof.

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  1. This looks interesting, but I’m still waiting for the Honda Crossroads when the Element graduates soon.

  2. looks 100% as if it were a JEEP product, honda is lost, first they put out a low, roundish civic, then they change gears to a boxy 1980’s style Acorn, sorry, Accord, then this, a JEEP copy, grow up honda, look at the leader Nissan. Wait till you see the new Murano and the next Quest ( Forum ) these cars signal Nissans takeover of the car business

  3. I agree! Honda has no sense of unifying style. Nothing about this picture says Honda. It is good looking, but the Honda lineup is now just a hodge-podge of different designs.

  4. Wow! looks great…! I’m curious to see more…The best SUV, now with better desing. Nice job Honda!

  5. At first glance I see Jeep Liberty styling and nothing Hondaish. Still, I like it and what an improvement over the current turd.

  6. douchebag jones,

    You should have had that “kid from thirds grade” edit your comment before posting!

  7. Add the “I might tow something one day” mirrors, add a few inches to the glass for the side and back windows, lower the sheet metal on the doors, and take some of the rake out of the windshield and you probably will have a better vision of the real thing. Honda’s official sketches always have a lot of visual sex appeal that simply does not translate to real cars. Those rims are the most un-Honda set of wheels I have ever seen. They will not look so bold and solid by the time they hit production. If the next Pilot looked like this sketch, it would gain my respect and interest.

  8. Take the current MDX (with its high beltline), make it a little boxier, a little more conservative, a little softer suspension AND VOILA – you’ve got this vehicle in a not so concept version. The litmus test will be mpg. I don’t see the new Highlanders rockin’ off the showroom floors these days.

  9. Looks like Jeep and GMC have another crossbreed mutated hit on their hands! Honda really has lost their way, haven’t they?

  10. HEY VINCE, Where the hell did you get this Top Secret drawing of the 2009 Element? Someone at Honda is in BIG Trouble for letting this one out of the hen house!

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