2009 Subaru Forester Interior

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Just like a higher Impreza.
I still think the Tribeca has a great interior and should have influenced the new Forester a bit more…

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  1. It’s very dated looking inside. And uninspired. Subies are good cars, but they are low on my list. This one does nothing to change that.

  2. I fully agree with you, Vince – the Tribeca has an anstonishing interior; much more appealing to me than the one in the Impreza/Forester interior twins.

    Something that always kept me wondering is that Subarus always kept that technical approach to design: form follows function. They didn´t realize it as e.g. Renault or Fiat and with some restrictions Citroen, who tried to use practical yet unconventonal solutions for their designs, but with a japanese approach.

    Take a look at the signal-horns, the air-vents, the steering wheel and you know what I mean. A button for a signal horn still looks like a button for a signal horn. As if the wanted to signalize: “Hey – our designers are the same guys that do our engineering!”

    I was always a big fan of the “old” airplane – face, Subaru used in their showcars and on the former Impreza and the pre-facelift Tribeca and seeing what comes out of their factories now (new Tribeca, Impreza & Forester) disappoints my badly.

    Somehow I whish, Subarus and FHIs executives have had more balls and would have given Andreas Zapatinas the chance to realize his design-approach over more than just one model. Take a look at BMW. Chris Bangle had the chance to carry on, though his first model (the 7series) received – let´s say – “mixed” reactions on its design. Although I am not the biggest fan of his designs, one has to concede that he invented a new design language…

  3. I like Subaru so what happened to the Forester’s interior? I agree with you Vince on the Tribeca’s interior, it should have been the design inspiration for the Forester.

    This design seems like a step back. Too bad.

  4. I would like to test drive this since I already drove the new Impreza and see what the difference is.
    Yes, the interior should have been borrowed from the Tribecca but I think Subaru want to forget about that model due to its heavy criticism.
    I wonder what the options are and I hope Xeon lights
    will be a cheap option.

  5. If they were going to put a Tribeca like interior it will be above the $ 30 K mark. And this type of vehicle accommodates more markets, whereas the Tribeca is more designed for the U.S. market. Very few Japanese
    would ever consider a Tribeca since it doesn’t fit well
    with Japanese tastes. The Impreza/Forester seems very JDM to begin with…IMHO.

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