2009 Subaru Forester

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This will turn out pretty nice I’m sure.
I am really curious to see the interior.

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  1. I agree. This is the Forester people have been waiting for since day one. Not that the current model was ugly but I think it should have graduated before its mid life cycle.
    The new design seems more in line with this century
    and more in line to battle RAV/CRV /Rogue (and Suzuki/outlander) crowd instead of being all alone
    as it was before. With it’s unique worldly renowned engine, reputation and safety standards, Subaru has a hit on its hands.

    – shut up D. Jones

  2. the front end has a saab inspired wheel arch and hood very cool but dont copy the sweeds it seems like theses days people are coping each other what a shame

  3. Looks good here. Some early photos seemed to show an ugly “D” pillar similar to the RAV4 and Compass.

    Glad to see Subaru didn’t copy lousy styles from the above named SUVs.

    Subaru has a superb service and safety record, too. The Forester has long been a smart choice among compact utility vehicles.

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