50th Anniversary Impala

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“Special” 18inch wheels, “special” spoiler, “special” 2 tone leather, “special” anniversary logo on the headrests, “special” flloormats, ‘special” doorsill plates, etc….

Lots of “specials” for a not so special car.
I wonder if this is really worth it. actually, I don’t really. I know it’s not worth it.
The Impala is a nice car and these “specials” don’t add anything to it.

if you want something special, wait for the cool next one with RWD.

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  1. Just scratch your head on this one. Note to ford gm chrysler, ever car you put up for sale should be the best your company can do.

  2. I thought this was a picture of another Chinese pile of ass until i saw the bowtie. I mean come on, redesign this pile of turd like the malibu instead of super gluing an anniversary sticker on it.

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