7 Speed DSG Auto from VW

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VW is introducing in Europe a 7 speed version of their amazing DSG automatic transmission.
On both the Jetta and the Golf.

Which means we should see it over here soon on the R32, GTI and Jetta GLI.
The 6 speed version offered now is already the best auto I remember driving. The 7 speed should be really amazing with better mileage.

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  1. what on earth does a 5 cylinder car need with a 7 speed transmission. Its not like they are pumping a bunch of power into the car.

  2. I’m all for this 7 spd dsg, but how many gears is gonna be too many? I can’t see more than 8 speeds in a transmission being any more of an advantage?

  3. I know you did not like the Jettas interior but it’s miles ahead of anything the Japenese offer in similar priced cars. I like the Jetta and own many cars. Wife had the TDI auto.That DSG made that diesel sing. Jetta felt akin to an Audi to me.

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