A3 Convertible already in production.

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That was quick!

They just announced the car a few days ago.

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  1. Cute car. But this should be the next VW cabriolet, not an audi. In an Audi,you’re supposed to get pop-up rollbars. Not fixed ones that ruin the lines. Yes, I know the trunk pass-through prevents the deploying kind. Still though. An Audi should have a body color hinged tonneau cover, like the current A4. With the A3, the folded roof is exposed in the well, which is not appropriate for a luxury brand. This is based on a Golf/Jetta platform, and it looks like it.

    I am concerned that this is supposed to take the place of the current A4/S4 cabrio and make room for the S5 cabrio as the next step up. The S5 is competing in size and power with the 6 series now, not the BMW 3 series. I guess my “concern” is because I want to replace my car with an S4 Cabrio type of car within a year. The S5 is too big and too much of a fashion statement, while the A3 cabrio is not substantial enough.

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