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I guess this is from a Japanese brochure or something.
It doesn’t look bad.
And it could be a hit for Subaru. It’s really not worse than the current model.
Subaru buyers don’t really seem to want anything else.

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  1. Maybe the pics are a bit different than in real life, but to the minor extent that I liked the old Forester, it was because it looked like a jacked up wagon that could do rough duty. This new Forester looks more like a competitor to the Rav4 or something like that (CUV-ish) and I think that is a mistake (not that soobie cares). This no longer appears to be a standout from the pack, but now more like just another can in the case.

  2. Well, Greg your right in that respect, but Subaru will eventually loose the Tribecca. This will take it’s place kind of and I think the Impreza wagon ( 5 door) kind of fills in for the old Forester.

    As far as the interior, people have said it should have borrowed more from the Tribecca, but my feeling is that that car was designed more for the U.S. in mind.
    The Forester seems more like a typical JDM design in form and function. I sat inside the Impreza and thought it was kind of nice inside, so I guess this will be fine too.
    I really think Subaru should focus next is some sort of sport car or sport hatch with AWD. It should be rally inspired and yet good enough to drive on any surface. Maybe something retro would look kind of cool…

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