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Looks like the US Spec sports model. (XT???)

Thanks to a reader.

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  1. Yes, that is the XT version denoted by the hood scoop and interior trim.
    What makes the interior slightly different are the chrome accents around the gauges and pedals. The seats also have a different look to them compared to the Impreza as well.
    I was correct that the US spec version would have orange repeaters instead of the clear home market version but 99.9% of the car is the same as the JDM version.
    Overall, it looks like a great improvement that was needed for the past few years.
    My questions is what SUV is the best our of the following?
    CR-V, RAV, Outlander, Grand Vitara, Rogue or new Forester?

  2. I’m actually very surprised how good this turned out. The previous Foresters had awkward proportions and funky grilles, but this one actually looks more like a mainstream CUV. Now if they offer an automatic with more than 4 speeds, they’ll be in the thick of the CUV pack.

  3. I like it. I think it looks way better than the current one. I just hope it’s as light, quick and efficient as the current one (the turbo model). Affordable would’nt be bad either.

  4. OUCH! My right knee and upper right leg keeps hitting that damn emergency brake lever sticking out of the center console!

  5. Brilliant!

    It’s only natural to compare this Forester to other “compact SUV” vehicles, but in truth it was really intended to be a different animal. Thing is, Sales & Marketing (you may abbreviate it if you wish) got in there and decided that people want it to be a cross between a RAV-4 and an Impreza. They struck an interesting balance, and it will really appeal to those who don’t want to drive an “SUV”.

    We all know how some people think “SUV = truck”. or even worse, “SUV = global warming = evil!” Honey, I hate to break it to you, but your RAV-4 isn’t a truck. It’s a tall with five doors and four wheel drive. It’s not churning out the CO2 emissions like most trucks (not to mention Ahnuld’s humvee…or internet server farms…or…or…or…), and it’s not a scarlet letter. I have a friend whose parents, longtime advocates of the green movement, lease a RAV-4 while they wait for the plug-in Prius; this couple, in their 70s, lives up a steep hill which was a ridiculous climb for their previous 2wd Chevy S-10. My friend gives them crap to no end about ‘driving an SUV’…she’s actually serious.

  6. I think it looks fine. Quite nice – in fact. Not nearly as boxy as before. [Which is good] But seriously – why OH why would Subaru [Or ANY other car company] use very light coloured carpet in an SUV or station wagon? It just seems so silly to me.

    Craig!! :o)

    What the heck is Subaru trying to acomplish with the constant stying failures. The airplane grille, the Chrysler grille and now something new??? Subaru has the makings of a great car but obviosly needs someone with just plain old common sense to lead them.

  8. What? 4 speed automatic? This is a 2009 model and it comes with 4AT (according to the jap spec). Subaru, you better bring something better to NA market.

  9. Subaru has had a very difficult time trying to squeeze in a 5 Speed Automatic under that low lying boxer engine of theirs! Rumor has it that they are close but not soon enough for the 2009 Forester Introduction. Expect a 5 Speed Auto for the 2011 year model!

  10. it 100 % evident that toyota and it’s partner subaru are sharing designs (ugly ones at that), this is clearly a shrunken Hindgrinder. The Rogue will handle this dud with it’s eyes cloised, and the new Murano will make you forget toyota even makes an suv in that price range.

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