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As far as I’m concerned, this is the best looking BMW around.

But it won’t be cheap. Even though no price has been announced yet, so far the only version is the “X6 xDrive50i”.
Powered by a new 4.4 Liter V8 with 2 turbos and 407hp!

Sounds like plenty of mulah to me….

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  1. The exterior seems very nice though that interior, especially the center stack is unimpressive. The Center Stack is not seamless with the shifter controls.

    There is what looks like a large gap between the center and shifter console area and it gives it an unfinished cheapened look.

    I never expected that I would prefer the Caddy CTS’interior over this.

  2. I’m starting to warm to this (a little anyway). The side profile looks really nice and the interior is quite pleasing. BMW will probably do quite well with this (ie, unless the price is really steep and / or the economy tanks). Still, I can’t help but wonder what await us in the post-crossover era.

  3. It’ll sell, but not to me. It’s attractive enough on the outside (although the current FX is still far more attractive) and the dash is uninspired – from the pics the dash borders on looking cheap as hell. If this thing were offered with a lesser motor in the high $30Ks I’d say yeah but the lesser motor will likely be 69,999 stripped so I’ll leave it for those with an inferiority complex and some credit.

  4. The front end is hideous, but from the side it looks fun to drive. On Autoblog someone posted a link to an old Hyundai concept that looked exactly like this, but without the ugly front end.

  5. I see a lot of the Subaru Outback Sedan in the shape of the X6. The roof and side glass are nearly identical.

  6. The front is too busy. It reminds me of the Ssangyong Kyron with all the lines and shapes….and that gap between the bonnet and the bumper under the grille looks odd…

  7. BMW makes just one design that exists in various melted stages. This reminds me of a 1982 AMC Eagle, which I liked a lot at the time. This thing just looks goofy.

  8. I am sorry but the side profile looks like the X5 raped the 3 series and this is the bastard offspring. I mean it looks like they couldn’t make up there mind on what they were building. I am sorry but this is ugly and will not sell good. BMW will be refreshing this really fast. Ok, so I may be judging this before I see it in person but yuck so far. If it looks better in person i will apologize to BMW lovers everywhere.

  9. At first I could’nt figure out why I could’nt stand this vehicle and then it hit me. It reminds me of a Subaru Outback Sedan. I hate those tall off roading sedans. To me they seem kinda useless. To me the wagon versions look much better. I do like the Outback wagon and the Legacy sedan on the other hand.

  10. look at that arc between the top of the windshield and the b pillar. and then it just slants straight down from the b pillar to the rear end. all the head room for the front seats none for the back. i’d defintely take an infinity fx over this any day.

  11. I’m sure this thing will cost a ridiculous amount of money; It will sell well with the financial executives’ girlfriend.

  12. Looks like a jacked-up 4-door coupe. It does not look good in picture. Although it might look good in person. I have to wait and see.

    Vince, how large of a vehicle is this one??

  13. Another impractical SUV, oops I meant SAV. How much headroom is back there?? and how much of a cargo area is there??

    People with too much money don’t know what to do with it :(.

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