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I know what everyone is thinking. Chinese cars suck, cheap copies etc…
I am sure this car isn’t as good as the previous generation Corolla it tries to copy.
But it doesn’t really look that far off, does it?

The Corolla looks pretty bad on its own. The copy doesn’t look much worse.
Byd will be at the Detroit show next month. Not sure if the F3 will be there or not.

Let say they pass all safety regulations, the drive is pretty decent and the reliability turns out to be at least average.
Would you buy one?
And how much would you spend?
$11 000, $10 000, $8000???

At what price does it become OK to get a Chinese car?

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  1. No I wouldn’t because they’re stylistically impaired and other manufacturers have a history to back thier designs and quality

  2. i cant beleve this kinfd of crap still ends up here i will never buy something made in china china is still commusnist you know there is notheing more communist than china on the planet they are out to get us
    byuing something made in choina is the most antiamerican thing tou can do their toys are killing our kids and their food is killing our pets what more do you want this is just he begining these crapp cars wont be safe and good americans will die in them so they can take over thats why we all need rudy for pres

  3. This is unbelievable! This is not imply benchmarking, it is litterally make an exact replica of the corolla. I bet you can take the door from the corolla and fit it on this F3. I will never buy a Chinese POS.

  4. I agree with the Bag on this one, other wise he is scum. I think the influx of Chinese goods is way too much and quality and not being looked at. And this is a major insult to the companies in which they copy.
    I have nothing against the Chinese and have friends that are Chinese, but enough is enough. TATA should also stick to their home market and not interfere with
    other brands.

  5. Douchebag told me he would buy one, because it beats walking from his double wide or riding the bus to his child molester counseling and parole meetings.

  6. The only TATAs I like are on a womens chest. I would buy a used Corolla over this in a heartbeat, what a blatant rip-off.

  7. corolla? really?
    i don’t see it — well, just around the headlights. all i see is a copy of the Kia Rio

    a used corolla for the same price is a smarter buying choice.
    i can just imagine the residual value these things will retain after 5 years. i’m guessing they will be WORSE than the korean cars out now.

  8. It seems that both the design and badge are hardly unique. Slap a BMWish badge on a corolla add heaps of fake wood and presto a new car.

  9. It’s never going to be ok, as the moment this takes off in the west is the moment cars become disposable. Unless you’re trying to live way beyond your means, a car is generally the second biggest life purchase after a house, but a super-cheap chinese car? Hmmm, I’ll take three please…(thank-you, sir, please dirve up to the next window to pay the cashier) The increase to landfill and the influx of cars on the road would be disaterous.

  10. I wouldn’t buy a Chinese car EVER because they are communists!! Cheap chinese labor, no human rights, companies are pretty much onwed by the government, they infringe on patents pretty much every second of every day.
    Even if they sold this Corolla knock-off for 1/2 the price of a real Corolla I wouldn’t buy it. Even if they made a BMW 5-series and sold it for the price of a Corolla I wouldn’t buy it.

  11. Until China evolves beyond that of a third-world country, no way. I wouldn’t trust the Chinese to build a decent car any more than I’d believe I could buy a real LV wallet or Rolex on Canal Street. Even if they can cobble together a car to pass crash tests, you can bet the interior materials are toxic and they’re doing something with your personal information to hack into your computer.

  12. It’s not about style or which other car it looks like. Chinese producers have proven they canot be trusted to use proper materials in their products. What if the foam in the seats was made from radioactive waste or all the other haz mat exported from the west. I don’t want one.

    Let India make our cheap cars. The Indians have a very different mind set and are a capitalistic and democratic country.

  13. It *is* a bit predudiced to say India is capitalist and China isn’t. You’re simply wrong to say this. Yes, they have some problems with product quality and safety but so did this country back when it was where China is now. Hold on to your hat because they’ll fix these problems and be back with a vengeance. Watch out Toyota.

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