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The Chinese press is reporting that Dodge will sell “very soon” the Chinese made Chery A1 mini car in Mexico under its own name.
The A1 looks like one of these really scary/unsafe tiny Chinese cars. So I guess Chrysler is trying it in Mexico where they don’t have so many safety regulations. Nice…

If that’s the case, it is actually pretty sick.
I wonder who came up with that idea: “Not safe enough for the US, but it’ll do for Mexico”

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  1. If the Chery A1 meets Mexican safety standards (whatever that is), than why would it be considered unsafe in Mexico? For that matter no car that meets even the toughest safety standards can be considered truly safe, because people still die in car accidents. If Mexico deems it necessary they can always raise their requirements, which would send cars like the Chery A1 back where they came from for some redesigning.

  2. Unfortunately Vince other car companies do the same type of thing. Safety standards are not universal … most manufacturers will comply with the local standard and not do much more (ie, especially for low end vehicles). They probably reason that additional safety features will add cost and consequently cut in to profits and market share. It is “pretty sick”, but it’s an all too typical. I’ve spent a lot of time tooling around Shanghai in a 2002 Volkswagen Santana … this car had no airbags in the front and no seatbelts (lap or shoulder) in the back.

  3. Vince, I think you mean the Chinese press is reporting that Chrysler will sell that “very soonLY.” Other than that the most notable thing about the pic is the chick’s navel.

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