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Here it is.
In a slightly blurry picture and with a bad color. Bad because we can’t see any details. But the car appears to be really close to the concept, as expected.
But the white paint, black plastic door handle and rear view mirrors make it look cheaper than it probably does.
we’ll see.

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  1. Vince, If you look really close at this picture, the SHARP, BOLD and DARING original lines of the concept have been melted down to a flat smooth and boring slab! GM can never leave a good thing alone! They always leave their ice cream out in the sun too long!

  2. They’d better come in $10,000 under the Challenger.

    Or I’d be challenged to consider buying American.

    Give me an Infiniti G37 any day.

  3. I know it seems like it. But again, a grainy picture of a white car.
    I saw other spy shots that showed much more defined lines on the car.
    we’ll see..

  4. Yeah it looks like they got rid of the “sculpting” on the side. The door used to cut in towards the rear, making the rear wheel arch look much more flared. Now it’s just a big old flat slab.

    This looks terrible to me. Maybe it’s the camo, but if not it shows how a few relatively small changes can have a huge impact on a car’s appearance.

  5. can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually agree with Douchebag Jones !! Almost looks like the Challenger but as always GM will be late to the party, 1-2 years late !!! GM was making such a big deal about this car and this is what comes out ???? Poor GM !!

  6. Easy, this is a very early prototype vehicle. It looks amazing in the flesh. Don’t worry.. be happy.

  7. This and the Challenger will be flat failures. Oh, yeah, a few guys who got laid in Challengers/Camaros during the ’70s will line up to buy them at premium prices. If they wait a few months, there will be HUGE discounts on both of these Mustang wannabes unless, in the Camaro’s case, it’s much cheaper than the overpriced Challenger will be.

    At least GM has some really good, high volume cars now: Malibu, Aura, and CTS, to name 3 winners.

    Chrysler doesn’t have even one good mid-sized sedan, so wasting resources on the Challenger is a bigger mistake.

    If the Camaro is as bland as the photo here, it’ll be a sad seller, indeed.

  8. Back in 1969, my older sister bought a Camaro [307 V8 – 2 speed powerglide; yes, I wish we still owned it]. From what I can recall, the side windows were a couple of inches taller than what they appear to be on the photos of the new retro. Having driven a Chrysler 300, I believe the desigers today are sacrificing safety (visibility) for style.

  9. I’ll be old and gray before this car is built. I hope i can hold on till then. Owned a couple of them during the pony car era. I need to relive the thrill. I think this car can do that.

  10. I have great hope for the new camaro…but…
    Form these pics of the rocker panel and sides show non of the character lines of the original concept, looks flat and generic…
    The mustang have more character lines than this…

  11. “I believe the desigers today are sacrificing safety (visibility) for style.’

    That’s a problem with a lot of cars nowadays. I wish I knew why, because it doesn’t make the cars any better looking.

  12. I think the Camaro will look great. Every picture I’ve seen of it looks promising. This is a bad picture of a white coupe with cheap wheels and light cammo. Chevy knows this car is critical. I hope that Chevy makes this a sophisticated car so it appeals to people outside the trailer park. I do think the teasing is already growing old. People are going to be sick of this thing by the time it’s launched in a year.

  13. “I believe the desigers today are sacrificing safety (visibility) for style.”

    Actually, no. A lot of this has nothing to do with style. Designers are sacrificing visibility for increased side impact standards

  14. GM has a history of blanding down production models. The “concept” Pontiac G6 looked incredible, but by the time it made it production, it was bland.

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