Chevrolet Volt production model

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GM will show the production version of the Volt next month.
This is the 1st official teaser image of the production car.
I am not sure why they keep teasing us with these cars so early (Like with the Camaro)
But the Volt has the potential to be an amazing car. Thy are talking about 60 miles on the electric charge alone.
This could almost last a week for many commuters. And you just fill it up if you go on a trip.
The production model seems much smoother looking than last year’s concept.

I guess showing stuff so early gets people excited. I know I am.
Depending on the price this could be a car I would seriously consider…

Just to refresh our memory. here is what the concept looks like.

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  1. 60 miles on a charge? ‘Bout as good as a Detroit Electric from 190god knows. I guess it looks good compared to not having all that Iraqi oil you thought was all yours.

  2. From what I can tell, they are keeping it close to the concept. I am happy someone is stepping up the plate…well Dodge is doing it with the Challenger too, but this is the first non “retro” car I believe any US automaker has kept close to concept form.

  3. Honda clarity, 270 miles on 5 minute hydrogen charge. Less effort and polution to produce hydrogen than producing energy from burning coal. Honda dealerships all over are being equipped to dispense hydrogen. Zero emissions without waiting hours for a car to charge, that is made by a company that is proud of its big block v8’s.

  4. Where do we get hydrogen from? Hmm lets see, electrolysis of water (running electricity through it to separate it into hydrogen and oxygen) and stripping hydrogen off fossil fuels. There are no deposits of raw hydrogen anywhere. Also, last time I checked when you convert energy from one form to the next you do not get 100% efficiency. So you would rather take the electricity and convert it to hydrogen instead of just using it?

    Just because something is from a Japanese company does not make it the end all be all. And just because something comes from Detroit does not make it crap. The volt is a truly revolutionary idea. Make sure that you know what you are talking about before you try to pronounce something as crap.

  5. Looks good. Other sources have said around 30K MSRP. No. Prius is 20-21K now, w/o the navigation, and a few other “luxuries”.
    The 09 Accord will have a Diesel engine! I’ll take clean diesel over hybrid.
    Jetta Will be out with clean diesel, a few dollars shy of 20K, next Summer, with rumors of up to 50 MPG hwy.

    No hybrid system to worry about. No battery packs to replace.

    Honda also will have the CR-Z and a 4 door sedan…boh hybrids, for sale, and way less costly than this VOLT.

    Funny. GMnow has a decent Malibu, except it is what, 2-3K MORE than the one it replaces?Sameill hold for this VOLT…you watch.
    It looks good, but if it only perfroms Marginally better than a Accord diesel, or hybrid, or Prius or Jetta Diesel, for 8 Grand more…

  6. um, brian, what is “revolutionary” about a hybrid? they’ve only been around for oh about a hundred years now. and where does electricity come from? coal or nuclear. why convert it? we could all just drive coal or glowing green cars. your logic is flawed sir.

  7. ^^^, centralized electrical production is much more efficient than making it locally, especially when you consider the costs associated with delivering fuel. Also, with centralized production it is much simpler to control, monitor, and treat emissions in order to reduce their effect on the environment using devices such as electro-static flu gas filtration. Also, the volt is supposed to go the same distance as a gallon of gas for about 60 cents to $1 of electricity. Finally, the Honda hydrogen generator separates the hydrogen from natural gas, giving off C02 as a byproduct so it is not as clean as some people are suggesting.

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