Chinese Jetta

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I guess the current model sold over there was still based on the previous generation.

This looks like the one we have here, with a different, and much worse, front end.

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  1. I traveled China in the early 90s. I spent time in small towns where they never saw an Anglo before. Some children cried and were afraid of me because my blue eyes looked scary to them. Other school children wanted to show me they are learning Engish in school and could talk to me. Imagine they are now running businesses there.
    Only cars there were VW (Santana -Jetta), Audi and Bejing Jeep (Cherokee)There were few roads or cars then. I did see roads, bridges, gas stations & Powerplants being built everywhere. Those who got in early will sell millions of cars. Imagine the Buick is most desired luxury brand in China.
    I hope to return there soon and see the big changes.

  2. The Chinese consumer loves bizarre, ugly vehicles. As their market matures, hopefully they’ll learn to appreciate good design. This is just awful, and it appears to be deliberately bad just for the Chinese.

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