Chubby nerd’s friend drives the new STI

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Another lucky guy…

This Subaru actually looks pretty nice to me.
Maybe that’s because I like hathbacks. Or maybe because I really enjoyed my VWR32 drive.
I still don’t get how this transmission works. It seems to have an automatic mode but yet looks like a regular manual.
And I hear the Auto on the Impreza is only a 4 speed.
Not sure if that’s the case here.

The main problem with all these fast small cars is the constant checking for cops or other cars.
After a while, it kind of takes the fun away from driving them…

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  1. VB,
    It’s a regular 6-speed manual. It’s the center diff that is adjustable.

    The regular impreza’s auto is a 4-speed but with a manual mode. My outback has the same set-up and you really don’t notice it.

    I can’t wait to tell the wife I didn’t get the chubby designation.

  2. It is still butt ugly compares to all the choices out there. Especially the hansome Mitsu Evo.

    What a mean ass looking car is that Evo!!

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