Evo X prices

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It’ll start at $34 000 for the 5 speed manual base model.
Compare this to $28 700 for the previous model.

The top of the line MR model will go for $39 000. This one will have a dual clutch transmission I guess similar to the VW R32.
Which costs “only” $33 000.

All Evos have a 2.0 Liter Turbo with 291hp.

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  1. Learned something new everyday.
    So now instead of taking the Evo or STI, we could use VW R32 for rally?

  2. 40 grand for a ricer boy toy? No thanks. There a lot more cars I’d spend $40,000 on before this thing.

  3. Well considering inflation and how much more refined this EVO is compared to the last version, it’s not outrageous.

  4. HAHA….I’m saying goodbye to the Evo….at least the US had it for a little while….no one is going to pay that much for a Mitsu over here….

  5. Looks like the BMW 1 series with twin turbo power will be THE car of 2008. Nice 2 door German performance coupe with a Japan price. Who wants a grocery getting hatchback STI or a ricer Evo when you can have power and prestige BMW for same price?

  6. OK, I guess it’s REALLY FAST! Otherwise, anyone who’d pay $34,000 for that dreadful POS should have his head held up to the light.

  7. Ok, let me see…the dumbasses at Mitsu are trying to sell us a “refined” Evo that performs worse than the outgoing model for about $5k more? I’m not even gonna mention the hedious design. Who the hell is running this disaster of a company?

    I give Mitsu 5 years tops unless they get bought out.

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