Fiat 500 Abarth

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This is still just an illustration, but it looks great.

The sport version of the new 500 is rumored to get up to 150hp. That is quite a lot for such a small car.
And I hear, if the 500 ends up in the US (Through Maserati dealers), the Abarth version would definitely make it over here.
Some are even suggest it might be the only version we get….

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  1. If they overprice it here in the states, seeing its gonna be parked next to a quattroporte in the dealers, it will be a big gotta have , look at me, FAD then fade quickly, if they price according to our market conditions, it will be a huge hit if the quality and safety are up to snuff, Fiat’s biggest problem is that everyone and there mother is gonna compare it to a smart, and thats not a good thing !

  2. That is one hot little car, better looking than smart. GM should of continued a relation with them, they could really use some of fiats small cars.

  3. NOT made in Poland, more likely Slovakia.. (sp?)

    Nice car, but first speedbump and you’ve invested $2K into repairs…

  4. America doesn’t have the history with the 500 like the rest of the world does so it may not be as popular..and that would be a concept…the front spoiler wouldn’t be that low…go to YouTube and search for ‘Fiat 500 Abarth’ and watch the testing round the Nurburgring…sounds awesome to me…

  5. Reader 3:26Pm,It is made in Poland me were it is made in Slovakia…..

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