Ford Ka (Brazil)

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This is not what Europe will get later.
This model is specific to the Brazilian market.
Thank God…

This is one lame looking hatch.

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  1. One of the auto industry’s great puzzles: developing a “new” vehicle for a regional market when an existing (or in-the-pipeline) vehicle would be just as good or better. Ford is currently working on an updated Ka for the European market. The Euro Ka will probably be vastly superior to this Brazilian version.

  2. I loved the Euro Ka, this probably would look better in another color. Maybe even make it two toned.

  3. I agree with tokyoplumber. Why do Brazilians have to settle for this awful, half-baked styling? OK, so maybe the technology underneath has to be less sophisticated due to manufacturing limitations, but why does the outside have to look like this? This would never cut the mustard in Europe.

  4. i think what you may be missing is the cost perspective. I dare say that this car would be vastly cheaper to manufacturer and sll for a lower price due to overall cheaper materials or those sourced domestically. you have to remember the average income in brazil is far below that of europe.

  5. Surely this Ka is built on an existing Brasilian platform to keep costs low. After all, they built the ’66 Galaxie there for more than 20 years.

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