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It seems they followed the them from the new Impreza instead of the truly modern Tribeca interior.
That’s really too bad.
But maybe, just like the Impreza, it looks better “in the flesh”.

Photos sent to me by a reader.

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  1. The Impreza bloodline is definitely evident in the forthcoming Forester line that most Subaru loyalists
    will open their pocket books with a big smile. However, I am not sure how this will affect Impreza sales since they already have an AWD hatchback for added utility. Will the final decision be based on looks
    when comparing both models or will one simply come with more creature comforts to distinguish its offerings and appeal, while the lesser will be more of a budget buddy.
    Honestly, I feel Subaru should scrap their Tribecca and perhaps add a sports car( 2 doors) that shares the Impreza underpinnings and win back its sporty image. Maybe something along the Altima Coupe
    -Nissan 240 genre would nice.

  2. Subaru should just fire the whole design department. Too bad, Forrester is officially not going to be my next car.

  3. thats one small sat-nav screen! I thought that that was the standard stereo graphic but it says “HDD NAVI” so I guess its the sat-nav. p.s.. it even says it was impreza styled… not a good thing

  4. I’m not sure why anyone would expect much else from the Forester:

    1) Subaru does not have major resources available
    2) The Forester has always been built off the Impreza chassis
    3) IP redesign is *very* expensive, so it’s not going to be much different than the Impreza’s dash

    The upside is that from the looks of it, the Forester turbo will still be a great sleeper.

  5. Is it just me or has Subaru really gone down hill? They’ve failed to develop their own design language and have gone with this bland, soulless crap. They’re becoming like Mazda was in the late 90’s – producing very boring ordinary looking cars. The only thing saving Subaru I think is their rally connections and WRX/STi etc..

    Say what you will about the Tribeca, but at least the design was interesting and different. The updated Tribeca looks shocking. Completely anonymous and unexciting.

    Why is it so hard for them to believe that people might want to drive cars that don’t look awful?

  6. i think you have to recheck that interior front pic.. i beleive THAT is a pic of the impreza.. i just sat in one yesterday 😛

  7. It is from a Japanese magazine, but we can double check everything when it makes it world debut
    in less then 20 days

    I think it will look much better with better photos
    like anything else. Yes, Mazdas seem to have the nicest layout, but Subaru has one of the best engines,
    safety, reliability and road handling than most cars in its class. I do with Mazdas add AWD.

  8. Well as expected, this isn’t even going to put a dent in CR-V sales which are screaming along. The CR-V really is a fantastic vehicle…


  9. ^And if you’d like to buy a CR-V instead of something better, please e-mail this guy.

    People buy CR-V because it has a Honda badge on it so they think it’s good. I’m not saying CR-V’s craptastic, but if you actually do the research, the Subie has better AWD, more power, better handling, class-leading safety, equal economy, equal resale, equal reliability, and is a better value comparably equipped. And now Forester will have a bit more room in a more modern design. Forester’s the thinking person’s choice, but I suppose the only way for some to give credit where it’s due would be to add a nice big “H” on the grill.

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