Getting to know the Byd F3

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  1. Ok so it held up pretty well A and B pillars look great !
    Now Byd you inform me why I should buy this car over a 2 year old used real corolla for the same price ?

    1, you have no proven record

    2, your parts will be hard to get the first few years

    3, reliability and safety are iffy !

    4 your resale values will suck !

    5, most americans are getting so tired of “made in china” its so bad im reading all the labels of everything i buy lately !!!

    OK so here is a hint you better sell it for 7k to 8k or you will get laughed outta the great USA !!

    Also these first china cars better perform extremely well in there usa crash tests or the media will eat them alive, forget the suzuki sidekick or Audi 5000 media attacks, this will be much worse !!

  2. notice how the driver’s seat moved forward?
    if their repeated playing of the crash footage is to show that the doors stayed closed, good for them.
    man up Byd and have a european or US crash test facility rate your current car.

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