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This was shown a few weeks ago at the Kuwait auto show.
I thought it was just one of these local rebadged GM cars.
But now it seems we might get this in the US. At the same time when Pontiac will stop selling the Torrent.
It makes sense to concentrate the Pontiac brand on cars, and make GMC the SUV/Truck?Crossover brand.

I think this is another smart move from GM.

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  1. I think it is smart that GMC will have
    its own version and i hope the lights
    are different in the back along with
    some interior designs to distinguish the
    two despite the emblems.

  2. Smart move from GM? I don’t think GM ever makes smart moves. I thought they’d learned their lesson from badge engineering. Especially since Saturn’s supposed to have the unique, straight from Opel model lineup. What’s the point of having multiple names for the same vehicles besides to confuse consumers?

  3. This is just going to cheapen the Saturn Vue over here…or GMC dealers that don’t have to adhere to Saturn’s no-haggle pricing policy will be discounting it like crazy after gas hits $4 for regular…

  4. It looks like a twin to the Vue. Slightly better looking than that car. Definately a smart move for GM because i don´t think people cross shop those two brands.

  5. Hmmm … I’m not sure the world needs yet another crossover. While not exactly a revolutionary design, this GMC Terrain does look appealing (it’s actually quite classy in this colour and light). Based on the size of the vehicle, roof line and mirrors I’m guessing this is re-styled version of the new Saturn Vue. GM is doing a lot of smart things lately … I hope their newfound “intelligence” pays off so we (finally) see an American car company start winning back market share on home turf.

  6. If the Torrent didn’t sell because it was a rebadged Equinox, then what makes GM think another set of identical crossovers is going to be any better? That and the Vue/Terrain is pricey and thirsty. Another typical GM move that is bound to fail.

  7. if anything, this would be a replacement for the Envoy, as it’s getting outdated.

    and as for people cross-shopping between GMC and Saturn? my dealership owns both Saturn and GMC, both are on the same property, and people bounce back and forth more than you think. especially in the suv market.

  8. This is not the GMC Terrain we’ll see. It’ll be based on the same Theta platform as the Equinox, but feature it’s own styling inside and out. Those who shriek “badge engineering” can calm down. Killing the Torrent (a vehicle Pontiac doesn’t need) and moving the compact CUV to GMC was a damn smart move by GM. And about freakin’ time, too.

  9. That pic is a photo shop of a Saturn Vu or Opel Antera with a GMC emblem. That is not the new
    Terrain. The Terrain exterior is all unique from the Vue and the next Equinox.

  10. Kuwait has an auto show?

    Kuwait should also be giving the United States free oil for kicking Iraq off its land. But that wouldn’t be as profitable for Bush Inc.

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