Guess who’s back.

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Another cheezy 70’s show gets a new make over.
And the new Kitt isn’t a Pontiac anymore.

I wonder how much Ford paid for this…

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  1. Damn! This is an ugly car. I see it on other web site, with a double rear spoiler. I’m happy they don’t make it with the new Camaro.

  2. words cannot describe my disappointment….

    in the utterly ordinary car, in the utterly creativity-less movie producers, and in the stupid public who will actually pay to watch this awful product-placement infomercial crap that masquerades as entertainment!

    are people that dumb nowadays that they actually get excited about a run-of-the-mill mustang with run-of-the-mill bling wheels and NO sensor light in the front?!?!

    if only the original-tv-series karr showed up at the end of this movie, and destroyed this new bastard kitt. that would be justice!


  3. Well, what do you expect from a project originally slated to appear on the big screen with a Koniggesegg, watered down to its small screen origins. The 1991 TV movie was a lot better with its Banshee concept car as KITT. Not only does KITT being a Ford ironic, but it’s just downright wrong!

  4. Who wants to take bets that Ford will offer a KITT version of the Mustang to the public. Because, you know, there are’nt enough versions of the Mustang out there:)

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