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I wasn’t sure they could make the US Accord weirder looking but they did.
So it can be done.

The rear view on this Japan only model looks even worse than the US model. Quite an accomplishment.

But I must say, the dark wood makes the interior look much more upscale than what we have over here.
Amazing how important some details are….

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  1. Everyone under the sun wants a slice of BMW.
    People have criticized Bangle’s work, but it seems
    Mercedes, Honda and many others love the back.

  2. the new tail light cluster is probably due to Japanese regulation requiring the certain hight to improve visibility or something.

  3. Don’t forget to mention Lexus as well amongs those who are in love with the Bangle’s butt.

    On a different not, Vince You did a great job with capturing the CR-V from the womb to the delivery room, but I am surprise you have not gaven us anything on the Pilot or the Acuras.. What’s up with that???
    Is Honda that difficult to catch?

    From a fan.

  4. It’s not that people “love” Bangle designs, it’s that people love to buy copies of BMW because they believe the marketing hype.

    Good taste needn’t apply.

  5. At one point didn’t you really like the looks of the new accord? Weirder is not really a compliment?

  6. I don’t think there was a worse way to add extra brake lights/rear fog lights…whatever they are….they don’t even fit the shape of ANYTHING on that car….but then again that could be said about other things on the Accord as well…

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