Hyundai i10

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At the other end of the Genesis, we have this new little Hyundai.
With its 1.1 Liter 75hp Diesel engine, something we’ll never see over here….

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  1. anotehr smal car for people who will buy anuything as long as it is new

    this will never work here when you can get a hemmi 6 liter whaty would you get a 1 liter car? this is just plain crazy hundai should learn how to make cars forst noone wnats a hundai only the poor slob who cant affors d anything else and is to, 9o

  2. D. Jones barley made it to the 3rd grade, what do you expect? They guy is known to be contrary to most of the blogs on Burplapp’s site, particularly if it is a foreign make. I had had several problems with that blogger and Burlapp is trying to be fair to everyone.
    If I were Burlapp, I would have given Jones the golden boot a very long time ago.

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