Kia Soul

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Sure it’s toned down a bit from the concept.
But it still might be pretty cool. It looks like they kept the general shape pretty similar.

A direct competition to the Scion, for even cheaper.
Why not.

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  1. These recent spy pics don’t do this car justice. Based on some of the other posted spy pics I have seen, it looks like this will be a competitive Scion fighter.

    And why not? The more competition the better.

  2. It’s going to be a long time before KIA can really attract the youth market like Toyota and Honda. To young people (like me) most Kias (and other Korean cars) are aimed for people who have little money and have no passion for what car they buy nor do they really care what car they buy or drive as long as it serves it’s basic purpose. Scion is about individuality, personalization, creativity, and expression. There are enthusiasts for American cars, Euro cars, Japanese cars, but sill very few for Korean cars. With the exceptions of the Hyundai Tiburon and the Daewoo built Chevy Aveo, most Korean cars don’t have what it takes to reach the the tuner aspect of the youth market.

    The Kia Soul doesn’t look like it’s a serious competitor to the Scion brand. The Soul looks like it’s aimed towards an age group older than the Gen Y group the Scion xB is marketed towards. Now if Nissan brought it’s Cube the U.S. as well as Suzuki bringing it’s RR Wagon here THEN there will be REAL competition to Scion.

    If Kia really meant to sell this to the 20 somethings…then they must be way over their heads.

    It’s easier to create a a cheap Luxury car like the Amanti, which is probably the only Kia that I like (to be honest)…. for a luxury car, … but making and selling affordable and cars… that are cool and stylish ….to a picky young generation is tougher.


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