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This gives us an idea of what the production version of the Laguna Coupe could look like.
That would be fantastic.
The sedan is OK, but this is pretty amazing.
And much, much better looking than the Altima Coupe on which it is loosely based.

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  1. Looks good … sleek and clean, but somewhat plain (at least from this angle). It would be great to see one of the French car makers back in North America. My preference, though, would be for Peugeot or Citroen rather than Renault (no disrespect to my family’s long dead Renault 4).

  2. I hope they change as little as possible from the concept. The flowing lines of the coupé concept were gorgeous, and the car looked much better than the sedan.

  3. personally, that is what the accord coupe should have looked like. not a complete departure from the 03 07 model and has influences from the civic coupe……shame on honda

  4. Reminds me of a Honda Accord. Even though its a Nissan.

    Couldn’t agree more with the above comment. It actually DOES look like a Honda Accord Coupe from the sides and rear.

    So, because this is a Japanese manufacturer they get a pass for ripping off one of their own? LOL

    This smacks of pure desperation on Nissan’s part if this is the actual production version sans any originality.

  5. It might be almost certainly lovely to look at, and share its basic architecture with a Nissan, but unfortunately, said architecture is actually Renault in origin, so the car will probably have all the mechanical sophistication, reliability and build integrity of a Cornflakes box.

    There’s a very good reason French automotive brands haven’t returned to the US – their quality and reliability is bad enough to make the last ill-fated British venture into the US mass market (Sterling 827 anyone?) seem almost well made and reliable.

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