Land Rover coupe concept

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Land Rover will show a “close to production” coupe SUV next month.

Although it is already compared to the BMW X6, this one has only 2 doors. Just like a real coupe.
And it seems that it might be a lot cheaper than the BMW. It could even be priced under the current LR2.
Which would make it the brand’s cheapest model.

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  1. Without being sarcastic, it would be nice if this was reliable and as affordable as a CR-V.
    I would consider this, but I am not sure who will own the company and what direction it will head to.
    I just hope a certain S.E. Asian country doesn’t buy it.

  2. “close to production”, eh? I’ll believe it when I see it. I loved the Stormer concept years ago, but when the “production version” of it came around (the Range Rover Sport), it was barely distinguishable from a regular Range Rover.

  3. I think it will be going to Tata Motors. Good time for Ford to unload it, too bad Jag is attached. Ford needs a premium luxury brand, and lincoln doesn’t cut it.

  4. If it turns out to be smaller and cheaper than the LR2 than it would be the best looking design in this segment. Finally a non-feminine small ute. I guess the base model will have the same 3.2l V-6 as the LR-2, but i wounder if a sport model will use a turbo of the same engine or just up-size to a V-8.

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